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The innocuous, straight-seeming gay friend that you can introduce to homophobic people. A 'starter' gay.
Ken is the perfect gateway gay to bring over for Thanksgiving - he can bro out with my homophobic grandfather over football and car engines but he'll still make sure to mention that he's gay near the end of the evening. Can't wait for that moment.
by Amanda Boekelheide November 20, 2007
A gay individual whose mere presence encourages others to change their sexual orientation from heterosexual to homosexual or bisexual.
Hey you straight skater boy; be careful around Eric, he's a gateway gay. Try and keep your tongue in your mouth.
by Mizz Erica June 02, 2007
A gay man, lesbian woman, bisexual or transgender person who is easily accepted by straight society. This person helps to normalize different sexual orientations for straight people. This person than starts to bring these straight people to gay movies, events, bars or parties and helps ease these straight people into feeling comfortable with GLBT people/culture they might have thought was too outlandish before.

Gateways can be of other minorities: Gateway Latinos, Gateway Asians, Gateway Blacks, Gateway Jews
Cindy: Wow! I had no idea Kevin was... gay. He seems so chill and straight

Taneisha: Oh he definitely is! He's great and fun. And he's a Gateway Gay, pretty soon he'll be bringing you to drag parties and having you dance up on a platform. And you'll love everyminute of it!
by QuixoticHoya October 12, 2007
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