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The act of shaking the gas pump to get those last few precious drops of gas out of the hose that you paid for and you deserve.
Man, that guys a cheap bastard, he's been shaking that thing for damn near a minute now, that's some serious gasturbation
by TheFitz19 June 24, 2009
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Synonemous with queef,but done while the female is pleasuring herself.
George:*listening at a door* Woah! it sounds like liz is in the middle of gasturbation!
Tony: Tote's Mgotes man!
by mcfidlstyz June 22, 2010
(n.) the act of shoving one's penis into one's anus and farting until orgasm
"Son, I think it's time we talk about gasturbation."

"Matthew?!?! How could have been gasturbating in PE today!??!"
by Tom Diputs December 06, 2007

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