He's a part dj and also a clown... in his free time he likes to rape children, so when you hear " RUN Gaspy is comming" you better make sure he dont get u >:D
ay viene gasparin pinches niños sexys
by Luis Sandoval June 12, 2011
Top Definition
1. To make little or no effort to find a job

2. To be power hungry or on a power trip

3. One who flirts with underaged girls

4. One who doesn't share his/her chicken
"Don't pull a gaspar, stop watching asian porn and go look for a job!"

"That op was so gaspar, he kicked me for no reason."

"Ew why do you want to know what kind of panties I wear you disgusting gaspar?"

"I only asked for one chicken nugget, you don't have to go all gaspar on me."
by Voldemort's_Bitch January 26, 2010
Pretty much hell in a human body.
guy2: Calm your nipples, what?
guy1:IT'S GASPAR!!!!!!
by Huge-Jazz January 01, 2010
An individual who dials 911 from a fax machine
I got in trouble because I pulled a gaspar at work!
by Faxboy March 28, 2007
The most sexy amazing member of G-Unit alive. He has some cute toes.
Damn Gaspar your a cutie.
by Kobe Jones August 20, 2006

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