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Bastardised version of cashback. Used to describe the taking out of cash in order to go out and chase gash
Gentleman: Two cartons of um bongo and a packet of skittles please shopkeeper
Shopkeeper: Certainly sir, any gashback?
Gentleman: £20 please, I fancy a spot of wenching tonight and need some funds
Shopkeeper: Very good sir
by bigmikey November 02, 2005

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A flash back of some memorable gash a.k.a vagina. Was first coined at 4:25am on the 5th of december 2011.
e.g. I'm having a gash-back

simular useage to flash back but only refers to gash.
by Kai-pachi December 06, 2011
something or (someone) that is so completely and utterly gash, they qualify for gash back. in short, gash of epic proportions. or just generally a term for skanks, who spend the majority of their time on their backs.
you're more than a slut, you're a walking gash back.


stop talking shit, i didn't ask for gash back.
by XxDxX June 28, 2007