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The act of shagging a women . Literally bashing her gash with your meat sword
I'm really going to shag my woman hard tonight-She's in for a good gash-bash !
by Bumloudson Tepong January 15, 2007
A party where loads of men come along to shag women (usually hired prostitutes) in a huge gang-bang style orgy.
"Hey did you go to that gash bash last night? I heard Ricky caught something from that leggy blonde."
by Rankles March 02, 2009
When two women have sexual stimulation by rubbing and grinding their genitalia together.
The two lesbians like to gash bash} in public washroom stalls.
by drbigdaddygee March 11, 2010
1. A porn movie.
2. Somewhat the opposite of "Sausage Fest", A party or social gathering consisting entirely or almost entirely of women. Sometimes by design.
"Awesome gash bash, did you bring the strap-ons?"
by Cragg October 12, 2006
A gathering with a much higher number of women than men.
Dude, what a score! This party is a gash bash!
by Who What Where When Why How June 26, 2014
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