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(British in origin): To generally wate time and/or do something which serves to have no useful purpose whatsoever, often when something more important could be done.
"Fowler, don't fanny about we have to go NOW!"

"Please, stop fannying about we have a delivery to make!"
by Rankles February 19, 2009
The act of the villain telling the audience (be it in a TV show, novel or play) the crafty ins-and-outs of his or her plans, more often than not after they have been caught out or caught in the act.
More often than not this relates to the exact moment that the rest of the characters learn about what exactly has been going on.
"So that was my plan: to steal the plans for the new Multi-Storey car park from the Town Hall so it could never ever be built.
And I would've gotten away with it too if it weren't for you meddling kids!"

The Scooby-Doo Effect in action.
by Rankles February 24, 2009
To do something very quickly and urgently. Usually used when in a car and in a rush, or when you're on foot (also in a rush) and need to run somewhere quickly or something.
Also, if you can shout it, do it.
"OK, as soon as you see a gap in the traffic, go for it"

*gap appears*

BEZZ IT!!!!!!

"Right, when the lights turn red we run"
*lights change to yellow*

by Rankles March 17, 2009
A party where loads of men come along to shag women (usually hired prostitutes) in a huge gang-bang style orgy.
"Hey did you go to that gash bash last night? I heard Ricky caught something from that leggy blonde."
by Rankles March 02, 2009
Short for "episode" in the sense of an argument or a huge row.
Usually preceded by "Don't have an..." it's a slang comment referring to a situation that is about to descend out of all control.
"Oh Niki it was awful, me and James had this massive eppy in the middle of Tesco's the other day"

"Jayne please don't have an eppy, not here and not now. Please"
by Rankles February 18, 2009

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