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What to say in response to someone calling you a guttersnipe (a term coined by Bill Oriely to describe "hatefull" liberals or in "laymans" terms a mudslinger)


When in a political discussion, and you win, but the other person (Usually a conservative) is unwilling to concede the victory, contuinually call him it.
Ex 1:
Douchebag: Yep your definatly a guttersnipe!
Hippie: Yeah well your a Garzawhozawhatzit!

Ex 2:
Douchebag: Guttersnipes also usualy insult and try to attack us personaly because their policies fail and they know it!
Hippie:Whatever Garzawhozawhatzit...
by Itllcatchonsomeday June 09, 2010

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