in Gujurati: garn means butt, ass
Daaaaamn check out the "garn" on that Biaatch.
by Nxs269 August 16, 2003
Top Definition
A cumbriran slang word for 'going'.
im garn to the shop :)
by James March 17, 2006
"garn" north cumbrian term meaning "to go"
"orite marra, as GARN yam" - "hello mate, im on my way home"
by Dr MamBo June 04, 2004
To indicate movement or action
Aussie1: How ya garn?
Aussie2: Good, self?
Aussie1:Yeah awright, garn the footy this arvo?
Aussie2:Nah....garn the movies instead.

Garn get fucked ya fuckin mongrel.
by Alex October 09, 2003
A curse word used by people who don't want to get yelled at for swaring. Mainly used by small children and Margaret.
Person 1: You forgot the "r" in "president"/
Margaret: GARN!
by milop June 18, 2009
An Australian slang term, meaning to 'go on' or 'going'
"Garn, tell me what happened"
by Draegath March 11, 2003
A mentally disabled person (Or someone acting like one).
"Is he a garn?"
by Diego June 23, 2003

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