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Celtic meaning One who handles a spear well or Spear handler

The definition says alot. Garicks are strong,athletic, powerful beings. Very stoic and chisled in appearance. Garick's are heroes by nature but sometimes their loyalty can be misplaced by them wanting to be the hero. They are wonderful lovers, patient, witty, smart and genius at math,logic and strategy. Their brains are like learning machines, when exposed to something for some time they catch on to it quickly and efficiently.They tend to be a good boyfriend not the type you would think would settle down but once they do they are loyal, good providers and Bill Cosby type fathers, and a funny friend who keeps you on your toes. They truley are one of a kind!
The man hugged his daughter after she had fallen and kissed her boo-boo.
The onlookig mothers watched in admoration saying " Oh he is such a good Garick"
"I wish I had a Garick"
by LadyCroft February 04, 2010
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A wrinkle of the penis
Your such a Garick!
by Caligula the Emperor February 18, 2003
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A sexual position in which one takes a gerbil and shoves it up their ass.
Doggy style is nothing... ever trying it GARICK STYLE?!
by Caligula the Emperor February 18, 2003
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