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Something that you might hear a stoner say.
"Hey tye, whats shakin'?"

"GargleFunk, bitch!"
by Ack Londo February 25, 2005
The slimy residue that resides on the back of your throat/tongue after rinsing/gargling your mouth out with an antiseptic mouthwash.
"Dude, I swear, every time I use that listerine, I've got garglefunk hanging in the back of my throat."
by KinkyKitKat15 January 25, 2012
When you jizz, shit, piss, yawn, sneeze, fart, burp, and throw up at the same time. Than you put it in a blender and shove into your girlfriend's vagina. If you don't have a girlfriend stick it up your ass.
I garglefunked this girl and she said, "thanks"

One time I was giving head to a guy and he garglefunked on me. I later fucked him some more cause i like garglefunking.

Please, garglefunk me.
by Bilbo fucking baggins December 15, 2006
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