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Any baby found in a dumpster or garbage.

Often the result of unfit teen mothers that didn't have the guts to coat-hanger that thing out of there when they had the chance.

Also a poor child's black barbie.
There are a ton of garbies in the alley
by Mindhead13 November 05, 2010
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another name for garbage man, or one who picks up garbage.
Art: "Garbies! Garbies! Wait! What are you doing?"
Vic, Garbageman #1: "Emptying garbage..."

Art: "Into the garbage truck? Are you out of your mind?"

Vic, Garbageman #1: "Who's gonna clean up all this mess?!"
Rumsfeld: "You are, 'cause YOU are a garbage man!"
from the movie "The Burbs," starring Tom Hanks.
by matty_the_rooster August 13, 2009
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