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3 definitions by Mindhead13

The act of yanking a fetus out of a uterus using a coat hanger

Most often used by/ but not limited to unfit teen mothers

A much cheaper alternative to Planned Parenthood and better than creating garbies
Well, you better talk her in to coat-hangering that thing out of there.
by Mindhead13 November 05, 2010
Any baby found in a dumpster or garbage.

Often the result of unfit teen mothers that didn't have the guts to coat-hanger that thing out of there when they had the chance.

Also a poor child's black barbie.
There are a ton of garbies in the alley
by Mindhead13 November 05, 2010
Contrary to popular belief this is not a baby of a gay couple. It is the disease resulting from being bitten by a homosexual dog (often a Chihuahua). The infected are overwhelmed with a desire to suck cock, irrational fear of water, and a taste for Beggin' Strips.
"Dave was a lot cooler before the Gaybies"

Women are impervious to Gaybies due to their inherent desires to suck cock and irrational fears
by Mindhead13 November 05, 2010