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Garbage Fart: an expulsion of gas fueled from several days of a junkfood only diet.
Travis unleashed a volatile concoction of gases via rectum. It was the dreaded "GARBAGE FART". The smell, largely fueled by pringles (sour cream, cheddar and original flavors), sharks gummi fruit chews, a pound of bacon, and peanut butter was near deadly. The air around the campfire no longer smelled of smoke, but reeked of rotten swine and processed potato products.
by pantstrout May 30, 2010
The foul burst of air projected into your face when tying a knot in a large, full, plastic garbage bag.
Lucille was found toes up, flat on her back after unknowingly knotting a large garbage bag filled with day old seafood. She was temporarily overcome by a particularly noxious garbage fart.
by Jay & Joy January 22, 2008
A gagious body expulsion reeking of the kitchen trash can.
the garbage fart you just left smells like 10 day old chinese food with a hint of saurkraut.
by xee March 16, 2007
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