Bluntly replying to text messages with one word answers.
Person 1: What are you doing tonight?
Person 2: Nothin
Person 1: Oh thats cool, big day tomorrow?
Person 2: Yes
Person 1: What do you have to do?
Person 2: Nothin
Person 1: You are really "Ganting" me right now.
Person 2: OK
by Mags and Maddog May 10, 2009
Top Definition
Origin:West of Scotland, Glasgow

Defn: To be in Dire need of sexual satisfaction
I've not had it for weeks, I'm pure ganting furrit.

Auld Veronica is pure ganting furrit off of Wee Suthie
by Magnus Pike July 01, 2004
It is true that anyone can be ganting on something at anytime however the true use of the word is in the context of a description of a highly unatractive female.
"oof shes ganting"

"your ma is ganting"
by Dr. Poppenstein April 10, 2006
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