In the Ocarina of Time, with his last breath, Ganondorf turns into this form from the extreme power of his piece of the Triforce, he isn't really a pig, but a sacred beast that is supposed to hold legendary power, yet Ganondorf didn't have the chance to regain enough strength to take over the world. The ONLY way to destroy him is with the Master Sword, for without it, all hope would be lost.
Ganondorf rose from the ruins of his tower, and used the Triforce to turn into a beast that would surely destroy the world.
by Omega9 December 27, 2007
Top Definition
Ganondorf's alter ego. Ganon is a big fat pig...He's actually still the same evil as Ganondorf...except that he's in pig form and what an ugly big fat pig you're!
Once upon a time there was a pig name Ganon...who wants the Triforce so bad, but got defeated by Link.
So R.I.P you Ganon........
by Horny Devil March 26, 2004
1. The one who took her (zelda) away and now the children don't play but thry will when link saves the day. haleluyah!
2. The one Link put ganon to his grave.
Here lies ganon, he is dead.
by Anonymous September 28, 2003
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