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The noun form of the word lanky; someone who is skinny and who has long limbs.
Look at him, hes such a Gangus.
by Vards November 21, 2008
somthing gross/bad. when chat isnt bad enough to describe somthing, it is gangus
"that bitch is gangus"
by El-raaa June 07, 2007
Used in place of the curse word "Fuck"
"Dude I Dropped a Dub Yesterday that's Gangus"

The Long O.J. Trial always Started right when the Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers would Start, That's Ganged Up
by Dandy Dan Burn-All February 28, 2011
and adjective for almost anything. It can be used for something bad, some disease, something cool, etc.
"He has a pretty gangus fever"
by von Christensen July 11, 2005
A group of 2 or more people who usually like to collect more to add on to their group. They are highly defensive of eachother's backs.
Some guy:"Whoah look ath that group over there, i think they're gangus"
by Aries Kent June 06, 2005
one of the ginger-haired variety or the hair itself.
"That Angus, he's pure gangus"
"I dyed my hair and look, it went GANGUS !!!!"
by meh May 21, 2004
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