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A "Gangsta Nigger" is a term used for for niggers that have been brainwashed by too much Hip Hop and Rap music.

Most niggers are simple minded by nature, and when exposed to Hip Hop and Rap with a negative message the niggers brain gets overloaded and starts to think "Yo I'm a gangsta"

Symptoms of a Gangsta Nigger:
*Stupid Meaningless Hand gestures
*Baggy Clothes
*Must have shades and a grille
*Must have 12 lbs. of Bling
*Must be almost unable to speak English (see Ebonics)
*Must have a shit view of woman and fellow niggers
*Must NOT have a Job or High school education.
*uses and sells drugs
*must be lazy and think his crappy life is not his fault.
Joe: What is with that niggers attitude?

Max: It's just another "Gangsta Nigger" ... just ignore it
by Get real, Ya All!!! May 21, 2008
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