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A program meant to host game servers, But is actually used as a chat room by the few brave souls. Conversations are surprisingly pointless. From bashing Emos to hating every other race imaginable.
That's pretty sums it up.
Hey, Do you feel like crying your self to sleep tonight? IF so, I'd suggest you join the Chat lobby in Gamespy Arcade.
by Snozzberries..? November 18, 2008
A wasteland where signs of life are scarce and good help is even more scarce. They're ocassionally some bots there, but they have nothing to say to you or any body else for that matter.

Gamespy Arcade Lobby:...
Gamespy Arcade Lobby:...
by InvertedClock. June 25, 2009
GameSpy Arcade, also known as GSA. It's main purpose is used for the gaming community but now is slowly dying off. Eventually it will be replaced by GameSpy Comrade. Another shit program. Now is truly just infested with Trolls. Oh well, it'll die off and you'll all see. :D
Blackguy105: yo nigs, sup?
Me: Shut the fuck up Nigger.
Blackguy105: dam dawg its lyk dat?
Me: Ye, it's like that, faggot.
Me: Who let the Nigger inside GameSpy Arcade?
by Mr. Irrelevant July 12, 2009
Online gaming program with support for hundreds of games and millions of users.
<User1>Want to go play a game?
<User2>Sure, load up Arcade...
by Spikeh July 01, 2004

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