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a cross between game cube and dream cast
Yo dawg where did ya learn to shoot like dat....Grand Theft Auto 3...Word can i borrow dat sometime...yo yall got play station 2? i got gamecast... huh...theres either dream cast or game cube....shut up dawg I cant afford it so its gamecast
by Kim and Ashley December 24, 2003
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A broke brotha's system, the thang can play burnt games off of any type of system...

I dont think i need to give an example seeing as there are like 3 examples already and they are all saying the same damn thing.
by *~* Brittney *~* July 28, 2004
A game system owned by a thug in the movie Malibous Most Wanted
"Where you learn that shit?"
"Grand theft auto 3"
"Can I borrow it?"
"What system you got?"
"Naww you need PS2"
by Steve December 22, 2003
A cross between Gamecube and Dreamcast
Ashley:Yo dawg whered u learn to shoot like dat?
Kim:Grand Theft Auto 3
Ashley:Word can I borrow dat sometime?
Kim:Yall got Play Station 2?
Ashley: Nah I got Gamecast
Kim:Gamecast? its either gamecube or dreamcast?
Ashley:SHUT UP....I cant afford it so its gamecast
by Kim and Ashley December 24, 2003
a broke brothas aka (tyrome) system a suped up that can play burnt games offa any systems
sasafras: what kinda game system u got
tyrome: a game cast
sasafras:what kinda system is a game cast ?
tyrome: shut the fuck up i cant afford a good system right now

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