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the opposite of Gamefaqs
gmaefaqs is teh aw3s0m3st Pl4c3 EVA!
1337! BUT dont eva go to that gameFAGs place, its for teh Buttfuckas.
by That guy from gamefaqs February 11, 2004
97 153
The homosexual version of GameFAQs, designed by gay gamers for gay gamers. Only videogames with a direct connection to the gay culture are listed, and the forums on the site only allow discussions on topics related to gay people.
Why go to GameFAQs for a review of Devil May Cry 3 when you can go to GameFAGs instead?
by TJ Griers March 18, 2008
175 49
(1)- some one who never stops playing a game no matter whats going on.

(2)-some one who talks averything about that game and will bring it everywere ,normaly talking to the wrong ppl about it.

(3)-some one who trys but fails to do alot in a game , like trying to get to the next level but cant everytime.
i cant stop playing. , dude your such a game fag stop for ones.

hey guys did you ever hear of zelda , with the green guy with a sword . wtf game fag!

just one more level , just one more level. dude you still havint beaten lvl one , haha your such a game fag.
by gabeeee July 28, 2008
5 16