A topic of verbal conversation referring to a later period of time
"So, Uh Kate, what's the uh, game plan?
by King Shafirre September 10, 2009
Doing the total opposite of what is to be achieved in beer pong.
Izzi:*shoots ping pong ball and misses the cup*
Izzi: That was Game Plan right there!!!
by iluvchurros March 06, 2010
A power nap consisting of 15 minutes. This occurs during study in order to power you up. It's like an energy drink but 10 times better. People named Babetta, Jocelyn, & Shrina tend to propose this method of studying frequently.
Shrina: I'm sleepy.
Babetta: GAMEPLAN!
Jocelyn: GAMEPLAN!!!
Shrina: Let's do this thing (:
by Mr. Joe Laila Patel December 14, 2010
a lame synonym used when asking what the planned schedule is going to be for upcoming events. usually used by old white men, doucebags, and people not ot be delt with.
Person 1: So what's the game plan
Person 2: (Pause) Uh, don't talk to me.
by joanellie April 15, 2006

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