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What you say when you hit a woman in the spot where her Ovaries are located.

As seen on Tosh.0, it hurts. It's funny, but it hurts.
Hayley: Hey Jess?
Jess: Yeah?
Hayley: *PUNCH* Game Ovaries!
Jess: That's funny! And it really hurt! ;D
Hayley: Yeah... :I
by whyareyoustaringatme? February 19, 2011
10 0
When you are playing Halo 3 online and your girl decides to offer you sex at this time, so you leave so without turning the game off and everyone begins to kill you and your rank falls.
"Hey man, i saw you dropped like 4 ranks on halo last night"
"Yeah man, while playing my girl decided to throw her body at me, i got up so quickly i forgot to log out and turn the game off."
"Game Ovaries."
by Intelligent Sire March 10, 2010
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