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Once respectable multi-platform gaming magazine that has, within the last several years, made a concerted effort to exclude coverage on PC games and PC gaming.
Game Informer's famous byline proclaiming that they are "The World's #1 Computer and Video Game Magazine" is total bullshit since they don't seem to write about, cover or review PC games anymore.
by Boya August 08, 2007
A magazine peddled by Gamestop to everyone that can't say no to their 10% off used game card offer. Most of the news tends to be outdated if you have an internet connection and the reviews tend to say "this game is awesome/sucks" by using as many words as possible. Useful for the pictures, sometimes interesting interviews, and the occasional exclusive. Has crushed the competition because of its unfair leverage as part of the Gamestop Empire.
Friend 1: Dude, did you see what they said in Game Informer about the new Halo?!
Friend 2: I already about read that a month ago on the internet.
Friend 1: Oh...

Friend 1: I have a Gamestop discount card! I also get a subscription to Game Informer.
Friend 2: Isn't that unfair to everyone else with a magazine that doesn't have a store tie-in?
Friend 1: I don't care, I just wanted that guy at the counter to shut up.
by lovely chaos January 18, 2009
A horrible horrible terrible good for nothing 'videogame magazine' that no one should read. All there information is either 1.wrong or 2.directed towards a 4 year old
I think Game Informer should be cast to the deepest depths of hell.
by R Mack May 01, 2006
A video gaming magazine offering such things as industry interviews, game reviews, sneak previews and trivia games.
My last issue of Game Informer said the sequel was a big let down.
by Casey-chu August 22, 2006
A gaming (not gambling) related magazine. With it's witty staff and grand exclusives, it has become the #1 U.S. gaming magazine. To have something you wrote printed in it's pages automatically makes you awesome (unless you mis-spell your own name. Then you're just a stoopud gnome)
Game Informer has Joe Juba (aka - GI-Joe). This should be reason enough to pick it up.
by King Süshi November 12, 2006
A great mag. with the worlds best forum. Home of many world famous forumites such as JHD,Killerclaw, Pheonixdav,Miyamoo,Frag, and Teh PaUl
"GameInformer R0xx0r$ the big 0ne!
by mystery forumite November 28, 2004
A fair mag with a crazy staff.
Miyamoo isn't loved by anyone at Game Informer HQ
by Apocalidiot March 28, 2005
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