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A gamage is a verbal error. Often caused when the speaker is talking to fast or flustered.

Aural Gamages also exist, wherein you mishear something some has said.

If you hear a gamage, you are free to shout gamage,, and you may mock the person who said it. If they say gamage first, then they may not be mocked.
"So he has a speaking engamage in the-" (engagement)

"-Dude, gamage."


Mussian Rustard instead of russian mustard.
by Ibanezymandias February 13, 2009
The wear and tear on joints, fingers and elbows caused by excessive use of game consoles.
Oh man! I spent 40 hours on my PS3 and the gamage really hurts! My wrists!
by DrKenSydney August 15, 2010
1. The act of playing video games
2. A period of time spent playing video games
3. ...Anything dedicated to participating, even remotely, in video game related activities.
What do you like?
I enjoy fast-paced large yacht racing, illustrating children's novels, and of course gamage.
by glitterbomb September 09, 2005

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