A delectable mix drink that is characterized by it's non alcoholic taste. Guarenteed to get you buzzed after the first or second one. Often identified by it's light orange color, sometimes tasting of orange cream.

3 ice cubes
1/3 vodka
1/2 orange juice (pulp free)
1/6 code red mountain dew

Mix and enjoy!
Damn, I've only had 5 Gallo's tonight and I'm already drunk as sin!

Wow! I can't taste anything in this Gallo at all... what? This has 5 shots in it? No way!
by Amanda G November 16, 2005
Top Definition
a type of Guatemalan beer, in the United States it is known as "Famosa". It is Guatemala's oldest continually produced beer, dating back to 1896. It is also the most famous beer in the country, and has become part of Guatemalan popular culture. It also has a chicken on the bottle because gallo means chicken in spanish.
Dude this Gallo tastes so much better than American beer.
by umw March 22, 2009
marijuana, mary jane
Bring the gallo with you.
by al March 14, 2005
one who gets hella ass and is not afraid of anything. they are simply the rulers of the earth. A-Mac would be the difination of gallo.
Damn im so badass i must be a gallo.
by inda villa October 26, 2012
Originally said in Houston, TX - It is a shortened version of THE GALLERIA (A Major Mall in the City)
Hey Brian, you going to the Gallo

Naw Andrew, maybe not today
by deeznuts.243 July 06, 2011
<Italian> Gallo
<English> Rooster
Il gallo = The rooster
by Italian_Speaker_1989 April 26, 2004
Usually used with the prefix S-, Gallo is a term used to describe a mildy homosexual high-class prostitute, or a cortesan. Gallos are often associated with beautiful women with high self-esteem and confidence. Also, Gallos are most often Italian, and are reffered to as "Italian bombshells". Gallos only go for the big bucks, because usually they are quite worth it.
"Damn, I need to get me one of those Gallos..."
by theotherboleyngirl May 20, 2009
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