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Soccer team from Istanbul, Turkey. Founded in 1905. Play in the Turkish Super Lig as well as European competitions.
Galatasaray defeated Arseneal in the UEFA Cup final.
by Cimbom1905 November 28, 2004
The best soccer team in Turkey founded by Ali samiyen in 1905
it is the first soccer team in Turkey
Galatasaray won the UEFA and SUPER CUP in 1999\2000
GS forever



Galatasaray FOREVER

ohh man Galatasaray is sick and tired of fucking fenerbahce

not: Fenerbahce is a soccer team that all gays support in Turkey
by Sercan Gundogdu May 20, 2007
Turkish insult defined to describe poor homosexual bitches, commonly known for being Fenerbahce's wife/bitch.
"Look at him take that fener cock up the pooper, he must be a true Galatasaray supporter"

Fag A: "Look at that hot guy"
Fag B: "I'd suck his shit Galatasaray style"
by Anelka23 February 01, 2005
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