To remove cookies from the oven and pass them out to all waiting
You bake it, you gake it
by SDanielle June 17, 2010
Top Definition
To gake is to achieve male orgasm without ejaculating. This is often a symptom of repeated sexual encounters in fast succession.
Q: How is married life?
A: Non-stop gake action.

I have been having a blast on this boy scout trip. By the end, I was gaking.
by thejakeman March 08, 2015
a nickname used in reference to a person of the male gender who has absolutely no discernable goals, values, standards, or personal hygiene. A worthless person. Can also be used as a greeting for said person. (other forms include: "Ga-ga," "G-G-Gayo," or "G-G-G-Gake D-D-D-Downsyndrome!")
On springbreak, Gake fucked Shamu.
by praterman November 11, 2003
Gaking or to gake is to partake in the act of masterbation while in the shower.

Past tence Gaked
Plural tence Gakers
As the man was getting ready for his date he decided to gake so he could hopefully postpone ejaculation while having sexual intercource with his girlfriend later that night.
by Sherogorath November 13, 2013
Put simply, a gay cake. More a cake family than any one particular cake, gake is colourful and moist, and leaves people talking about it long after the last crumb has been devoured.
Multicoloured sprinkles, mounds of creamy icing, and rainbow layers each more fabulous than the last? That is one hell of a gake!
by bonjimon June 06, 2011
GAKE: A Gay man who obsesses, talks about and enjoys Cake

GAY-TEAU: Slighty better heeled Gay man who obsesses about Gateau

GAY-STRY: Like the above but for pastry
Gay man "I spent all of Saturday afternoon baking cupcakes. Do you think that makes me a Gake?"
by jimjam74 November 20, 2010
A gay man named Jake. Combines the words gay and Jake. A gake is often a best friend, who can equally love Brokeback Mountain and 300, and can quote lines from any movie. A gake is incredibly fun and an amazing dancer. Gakes are the best friends to have.
Look at that attractive stylish guy--he must be a gake.
by clytemenestra April 12, 2009
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