The Coolest Nigga What
Gails: if you had to give me a definition what would it be

Randy: the coolest nigga what
by Gails July 10, 2008
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A woman of amazing grace, beauty, and intelligence. Also one that never gives up and never leaves a silence ear! Someone you MUST listen to because of her importance in all aspects of life!
A Gail is a necessity!
by P February 26, 2005
Perfection. The most amazing and beautiful girl you will ever meet. Loves The Beatles and 60s nostalgia.
That girl will not shut up about The Beatles. Oh yeah, that's Gail.
by gail lover January 23, 2007
To fail gayly.
Guy 1: Aw man, Brand broke up with Katy Perry because he wanted a family and she was a party animal.

Guy 2: I think I find Brand more attractive now.

Guy 1: Gail!
by Hollywood Phat Cash January 09, 2012
A long powerful wind at sea. Often during hurricanes.
The gail pushed over the boat.
by inthehouse October 28, 2008
A friend of Oprah. Known by the public as Oprah's friend Gail.
Oprah: "This is my friend Gail"

Gail: "Hi, I'm Oprah's friend Gail"
by jim pek July 06, 2006

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