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A person who is sexually attracted to objects such as cell phones, television or washing machines.
Word derived from fusing 'Gadget' and 'Faggot', as in 'Ga' + 'Got' = Gaggot.
The other day i read about a guy who wanted to marry his MacBook, what a gaggot !
by mypseudonymisbeingusedbyacat July 23, 2014
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Easier way of saying Gay Faggot
That kid is such a gaggot.
by T-Has September 04, 2006
a homosexual with a weak gag reflex
The other day, I was blowing Trenton, and I could barely fit five inches in without almost throwing up. Dude, I swear, I'm such a gaggot.
by Deepthroat Demon April 29, 2014
a gay man who gags while deep-throating
what a gaggot, he couldn't even deepthroat his boyfriend
by c'est moi jojo June 20, 2009
A simple word game invented by the batts. (a breakdancing battle rap crew from london). At an opportune moment one player will say the word 'gate'. The idea is for second player to respond with the word 'faggot' in the shortest possible time.
Player 1... Gate
Player 2... Faggot!!

Both Players.. HAHA Gaggot!!! (Smile and Laugh with enjoyment)
by Chillidoog November 14, 2008
a straight faggot
stop being such a GAGGOT u fag
by real person May 22, 2004
When you're giving someone a blowjob and you gag on their dick. Also a derogatory term used to insult people.
A: omg, Tom totally gave me a huge gaggot last night!
B: you're such a gaggot
by IHeartEPICRhi January 16, 2015

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