A "unique" side effect of when a person has a cough/throat infection that is so severe that they "gag"

Within seconds micro-particles in the air become infected and turn into what is known as "gagites", these particles are then inhaled making the person overwhelmed by the "gag".When climaxing at the peak of gag itself the person may be sick or feel very sleepy and lathergic.
Oh god ive got the "Gaggler"
by dr spoon January 29, 2011

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Someone who engages in the act of Gaggling -- keeping their mouth open while having a penis shoved down the back of their throat (deep throat).

It's important that the persons mouth remain wide open as they deepthroat the penis.
Look at the Gaggler take that cock! She really loves gaggling.
by GaggleFun April 21, 2010

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