Top Definition

Describing something done half ass
"Maria's sequin outfit the other night was completely gaft
by hopperjr December 12, 2010
A way of saying broken to the extent beyond repair or reconstruction. Or generally broken...
Man I tried to update my Vista laptop and I gaft it!
by September 10, 2008
Some one who acts Gay like
OMG Jonathan Harris is so Gaft!!!
by Lawls!!! March 25, 2010
something you say when somethings REALLY FUCKING COOL
gee sally look at that gaft kid

man i totally just drank a whole bottle of chocolate syrup....GAFT
by Not Zack August 02, 2006
a sweet trombone player; major pimp; fly wit da ladies.
Man, you sure be gaftin' it wit da ladies.
by Jim Bob February 16, 2003
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