Grey's Anatomy Fan Lunch. Meets at Milio's during Senior Lunch on Friday, where Grey's Anatomy fans discuss what happened on the previous night's episode and wallow in self-pity because there won't be a new episode until next week.
Kid1: Hey are you coming to GAFL today?
Kid2: Yeah, I totally watched the epi last night, the discussion will be awesome!
Kid1: Saweeet!
by AlyxAnderson February 18, 2007
Top Definition
Gafl = Get A Fucking Life
Used often when people use irc.
Guy 1: LoL. I were in the computer for 12 hours yesterday!
Guy 2: Gafl...
by Kris Salminen June 05, 2006
Abbreviation for "Get A Fucking Life."

Similar to "fuck," can be used for many different parts of speech: noun, verb, etc. Especially used to refer to a person who talks to him/herself.

Often used to describe a person who:
a. Has no friends
b. Does no schoolwork & is basically useless
c. all of the above
You need to GAFL.
You are a GAFL.
by I Love IB May 03, 2007
Get a fucking life.
Stop texing me and GAFL.. = Stop texing me and get a fucking life.
by Joels Als December 31, 2010
Get A Fucking Life
Dude you need to GAFL, seriously.
Miranda needs to GAFL.
by mistermaster February 17, 2014
Go away freaking loser
Hi, kik? *uhm no* why? *gafl*
by Wordstoknow92 March 19, 2015
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