n. Irish slang for heroin
Moi Ma is reekin' o' gaffa!
by alkalinesam February 26, 2005
Top Definition
Imaginary tape your life gets stuck in.
Person A: Suddenly my feet are feet of mud, it all goes slow-mo. I don't know why I'm crying...

Person B: You must be suspended in gaffa!
by Buster McGooo August 25, 2009
the team boss, the guy in charge of a crew
....don't know bout that mate, go see the gaffa, he'll know
by gball April 09, 2006
Slang used by backstage techies for Duct Tape
Pass me the gaffa, I need to patch this hole.
by Cheesy.finger.r September 20, 2005
Slang used by the locals of harworth and bircotes in a possitive way.
Breeder: Oi did u see that!?

Steve: Ha, thats gaffa!
by Ryan FInley May 29, 2008
A White South African, Generally racist, but used commonly to describe white South African's. Relative to Kaffer (black south african)
Barry: Look at that Gaffa prick... Thinks he can still reside in our glourious country without an apropriate visa?

Michael: Yeh F*****g Gaffa
by Jay Martyn November 18, 2007
A black person who likes to emo a lot
Person 1 : "Omg why ain't he talking to us?"
Person 2: "I think he's pissed we ripped on his skin color"
Person 1: "That bitch is Gaffaing on us again."
by johnnylegend March 03, 2010
A cigarette our smoking item.
Would you like a gaffa, our do you want a gaffa.twos up on a gaffa.
by Mervyn David Hack March 14, 2008
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