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n. Irish slang for heroin
Moi Ma is reekin' o' gaffa!
by alkalinesam February 26, 2005
9 31
Imaginary tape your life gets stuck in.
Person A: Suddenly my feet are feet of mud, it all goes slow-mo. I don't know why I'm crying...

Person B: You must be suspended in gaffa!
by Buster McGooo August 25, 2009
153 44
the team boss, the guy in charge of a crew
....don't know bout that mate, go see the gaffa, he'll know
by gball April 09, 2006
100 38
Slang used by backstage techies for Duct Tape
Pass me the gaffa, I need to patch this hole.
by Cheesy.finger.r September 20, 2005
78 36
Slang used by the locals of harworth and bircotes in a possitive way.
Breeder: Oi did u see that!?

Steve: Ha, thats gaffa!
by Ryan FInley May 29, 2008
31 27
A White South African, Generally racist, but used commonly to describe white South African's. Relative to Kaffer (black south african)
Barry: Look at that Gaffa prick... Thinks he can still reside in our glourious country without an apropriate visa?

Michael: Yeh F*****g Gaffa
by Jay Martyn November 18, 2007
13 24
A black person who likes to emo a lot
Person 1 : "Omg why ain't he talking to us?"
Person 2: "I think he's pissed we ripped on his skin color"
Person 1: "That bitch is Gaffaing on us again."
by johnnylegend March 03, 2010
6 20
A cigarette our smoking item.
Would you like a gaffa, our do you want a gaffa.twos up on a gaffa.
by Mervyn David Hack March 14, 2008
8 23