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to be gacked is to be under the influence of methamphetemine
as in "I was so gacked last night that I took apart my vcr and cleaned it now I can't gety it back together"
by jon thomas (chipper-shredder) January 25, 2005
To be under the influnce of crack or cocaine.
Dude me and my friend bumped an 8-ball last night...we got so gacked.
by *k!nG Br@nDoN* March 08, 2005
adjective describing some one who is strung out on meth

oklahoma white trash vernacular
Shark was gacked, so I got the hell out.
by Orville Blick April 22, 2005
High on Cocaine.
Last night I had a few lines, and I was totally gacked.
by Theone December 30, 2003
extremely high and lacking in cooridnation skills or natural grace. Developing temorary speech impediment or just a low volume mumble.
"Too much amphedamines and three days of sleep deprivation has got me straight gacked yo."
by Heather j November 06, 2006
"taken from", used to credit the source of material copied from one internet site to another, primarily used in blogs
"I gacked this meme from <maddog>"
by sheherazahde January 05, 2006
the be under the influance of methanphetomine
manda is saa gacked atm
by jameshandpenis February 10, 2011
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