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(Gay chach). Someone who is too much of a chach to be called one.
Wow, that kid is wearing a fedora. What a gach.
by Valorous Miller July 28, 2011
a person who is being stupid
Meagan is a gach.
by Calie December 06, 2003
See gech for formal definition.
Also used as a salutation.

Origin : Word is of gaelic origin and pronounciation may vary by region.
General Sex :
- Dip your gech

As a salutation :
Man 1 : Gach
Man 2 : Gach
Man 1 : Very good, how was .......
by Socrates July 16, 2003
Hottest fucking bitch ever. Her 500 pound leg is so hot and greasy. I just wanna cream myself.
Check out Ms. Gach's ass. Its so big
by Nazi December 25, 2003