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1.) Pronunciation: "GYLAO"; (jy-e-low)

Phrase used against lazy forum (etc.), users who DON'T READ previous post due to its large quantity of detailed content. Otherwise posting in a thread without reading the OP's post and thus contradicting the point of posting in the first place.

"Get your lazy ass out!"

"Git yo lazee aS owt!"

2.) Images speak louder than words! Because of their some what similar pronunciations, a Jello image with the text "Here have a GYLAO!" is a greater comeback! Verbs "eat" or "have" are used to indicate an insult that they may be a fat lazy troll. Thus- "Don't feed the troll words, feed it GYLAO!"
User 1: "Wow, a wall of text- I'm not reading all of that, blog it."

User 2: "What would be the difference if I blog it? You're still not going to read it if I do- plz just eat a GYLAO!
by Shuriko July 03, 2009
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