Great White Cock.. yes like the shark
Also called the "G DUB C"
Boqueshia totally rode my G DUB C(GWC) after supper dude.
by hardabz05 September 16, 2008
Top Definition
Guy With Camera

Commonly used in the modelling/photographer biz, 'GWC' is any poser/creep with a digital camera pretending to be a pro/semi-pro photographer. With the introduction of digital cameras, GWC's have appeared like an explosion in a toy store.

GWC's typically steal the work of others and don't have any references.
"Some GWC asked me to 'test' for him, what a creep."

"What's with all the GWC's on, lately?"

"Damn GWC's are ruining it for the rest of us." - Pro Photographers

by ZeroZeroOne February 02, 2007
translates to: guys with cameras
I would've been able to see her better if there weren't so many gwc's in front of me....
by Typhoon_ January 22, 2006
Great White Chiller: A white person who does limited to no work (chills), yet manages to get my in life. In somecases, GWCs can even be successful (see example).

In a typical office work day, a GWC spends 50% surfing the internet, 25% on break or extended lunch, 20% socializing, and only 5% working.

GWCs often come to work underdressed and unshaven, and typically look like they just woke up.

There are different levels of "Chillers": Eg. Great Brown Chiller > Great White Chiller. Note: it does not take much to be a Great Asian Chiller.
Tom Green is a GWC. He has done limited work and has done a LOT of chillin, yet managed to become very successful.
by browntown8888 April 08, 2009
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