simply, Girl With A Mustache
From far she's pretty hot but up close, DAMN, she's Gwam.
by Kryz December 21, 2005
Top Definition
An acronym standing for "Girl We All Mack'd".

Derived from a group of friends who realized they had all made out with the same girl at one point or another in the same night. Now colloquially used to describe a slut.
Maddiee you were gwamming hard last night!

Dude check out all the GWAM's at this party!!

...That awkward moment when you realize she was a gwam
by Groombo January 07, 2012
gwam means "cool" or awesome.

only the coolest of cool people use this word to refer to something "poppin" or "sweet".
person1- i went paintballing yesterday! it was so gwam!
person2- duude thats the gwamest thing ive ever heard!
by cdhdc2030 October 04, 2011
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