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1. The most dangerous gang.
2. To stomp the shit out of someone.
1.Damn nigga watch out for dem gursh's they will fuck a nigga up.
2. Fuck, dem niggas gursh stomped the shit out of me.
by gurshboy March 22, 2010
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When a woman (or matured girl) explodes with a strong stream of lubricant liquid from their vagina at the moment of orgasm. Just like a squirt but bigger and better.

female ejaculation fart splooge piss pee nut jiz fuck climax wet crap cock ass anal squirter poo leak gusher spunk spooge rectum milk hot cunt balls shart
I freakin' love it when I gursh, but I have to take a shower after I gursh or else I'll be sticky the rest of the day.

She gurshed all over my face!

That girl can gursh a river if you get her going.

If you go down on her you better be wearing goggles because she is a gursher.
by JaggedJem February 16, 2009
Another word for "gosh".
Oh my gursh!
by Remula April 20, 2003
to get drunk or wasted
"damn i'm hella gurshed right now"

by JiggaG February 19, 2007
A fanny/vagina/clunge of the disgusting or rotting variety.
Get your Gursh out.

Gursh on!

Gursh off.

She's definately foaming at the gursh.
by palmertron. September 10, 2011
over excited idiot who says random things.
that idiot is being a gursh, lets leave him and get the fuck out.
by lamelamelame October 20, 2010

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