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Gargantuan Upper Pussy Area

The large collection of fat that typically resides immediately above the pubic area of middle aged or older women.

This condition results when someone with a FUPA (Fat Upper Pussy Area) continues to eat like a dumbass, refusing to pay any attention at all to how horrendous they look.
Evan: "Duuude, what's going on with your Mom, she's too old to be pregnant!"

Art: "I know duude, no kidding, she's 53. That's no baby, that's just her GUPA!"

Evan: "Ooohhhh - that's right duuude, last year she had a FUPA. She must be loving those Carvel cakes you buy her."
by g-othermal August 17, 2010
GUPA comes from the root word FUPA. A GUPA is a FUPA caused by having Gas.
Damn that burrito gave me a GUPA.
by Kelly Marie Evans January 15, 2007
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