Giggle then snort.

Like LOL
Sam: "How many emo kids does it take to screw in a light bulb?"

Billy: "I dunno, how many?"

Sam: "None, they just sit in the dark and cry."

Billy, "GTS!"
by algarbonzo February 15, 2010
giggle to self
"i got a text and it was kinda funny but i couldn't lol cause i was in public so i gts"

"good one...gts"
by isaythequestionspplthink August 21, 2009
Gap Tooth Slut

When a Persons to front teeth have a gap in the and they are a slut
GTS famous people anna panquin,madoona,amy wine house she has a missing tooth
by Annonomous<person November 22, 2009
a place to work at that will suck the life from your body. At GTS it is if forbidden to laugh out loud, smile in public, or tell the truth.
That poor bastard got a job at GTS, his life is basically over! but at least he can shit at work and get paid for it.
by astronaut wuzzle February 10, 2009
Acronym for "Got to shit!" Cousins to GTG ("Got to go") and BRB ("Be Right Back").

The person in need of shitting (otherwise known as pooping) is to use the comment "GTS" to quickly pause conversation so he can dump his remains into any acceptable location. It is suggested that females stray from using GTS due to males honestly believing (or trying to belive) that members of the female sex in fact do NOT shit.

Best used during conversations via MSN, AIM, Facebook chat, or any other messaging device..maybe even text messaging.
Matthew: "Ya Iron man is the man!"
Mike: "Hell Ya! So what you doing tonight?"
Matthew: "Sorry dude, GTS!"
Mike: "Good Luck! Don't forget try wiping both ways this time!"
by bbrau582 August 06, 2008
Stand for "good times".
Can also be spelt as gt's or GTS.
So many gts back in elementary school.
by ijwahak February 17, 2006
Abbreviated form of "giantess." A catch-all term for anything related to the giantess fetish, which is defined as a love for impossibly tall women. Do you think I'm talking about women who are eight feet tall? Nine feet tall? Try 200 feet tall.
The 1993 HBO remake of "Attack of the Fifty Foot Woman" featured one of the hottest giantesses ever captured on film.
by kyakusenbi November 08, 2003
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