GTFT, or otherwise known as Good Times Fabulous Times, is a great saying for bringing up memories.

Instead of spelling it all out, you can abbreviate it to GTFT.

This is the new hipster saying and everyone will understand you.

Use wisely.
OMG, that was so funny. I remember everything! GTFT!
by KILL BILL ROSE October 23, 2010
Top Definition

when bad parents have had enough.
You don't need a third drink of water!! GTFTS!
by elephantsgerald June 17, 2011
Get the FUCK to sleep.
Nick: Text at 1:30 A.M- "Can I get a ride tomorrow?"
Benji: Reply-"GTFTS"
Nick: "Oh, sorry"
by Shabambam August 18, 2010
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