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Dope - meaning a stupid person
Face - meaning IN THE FACE.
Nickel - meaning a metal coin worth 5 cents.
Brain - meaning control center of central nervous system.

One of the worst insults in the decade.
"Shut up you, dope face nickel brain!"

"Fuck you, dope face nickel brain!"
by KILL BILL ROSE January 15, 2010
GTFT, or otherwise known as Good Times Fabulous Times, is a great saying for bringing up memories.

Instead of spelling it all out, you can abbreviate it to GTFT.

This is the new hipster saying and everyone will understand you.

Use wisely.
OMG, that was so funny. I remember everything! GTFT!
by KILL BILL ROSE October 23, 2010
PML, otherwise known as Poop My Life, is exactly like FML (just less intense)
Use "PML" the same way you would use "FML", if you want to be more confined.

Aw man! PML!
by KILL BILL ROSE October 23, 2010

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