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Get The Fuck Outta My Head

When trying to get over somebody, you discover your mind repeatedly takes you back to them, so you'll probably find yourself screaming/grunting 'GTFOMH!'.
girl#1 - Heyy! Movie started yet?
girl#2 - You're just in time.
girl#1 - Did you say Justin time?
girl#2 - Ugh, don't do this.
girl#1 - Shittt, I know, Get the fuck out of my head!!!

by glammaniac March 23, 2009
Acronym for: "Get The Fuck Outta My House", a phrase commonly used by overbearing fathers regarding their daughter's boyfriends. Also used in similar context with annoying girlfriends in the all guy frat house.
Jack, that bitch of yours is really pissin' me off. She needs to GTFOMH!
by Sam Macdonald January 02, 2007
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