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GTFOFBWTS quite explicitly stands for 'Get The Fuck Off FaceBook With That Shit'.

Generally considered a lazy but wise response to a social-networking status of some idiot that no one gives a fuck about, or their sad little WEB 2.0 existence.

Long live the peaceful ignorance of ta interwebz.2.0.break
Idiot's status: "Oh my God I just have to fucking quit my job."
So-called-social-networking-*friend*'s comment "But when we spoke in the real world you said you were gonna stick it out?"

Idiot's status: "It's T+4 minutes and I really have to leave my job. And... Scratch my arse. And the cat's arse."
So-called-social-networking-*friend*'s comment "GTFOFBWTS"

Idiot's status: "Idiot is wondering what's the best size of CD case to scratch a cat's arse with cos y'know that's perfectly normal and must be very interesting to the rest of the world so c'mon plz help me now ur all my real friends not just avatars 'n' emails or some twat friend of a friend I met once when pissed."
So-called-social-networking-*friend*'s comment "GTFOFBWTS"

So-called-social-networking-*friend*'s status: Thank fuck for CTRL+V.
by OriginalDevianti June 19, 2009
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