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2. Grand Theft Auto Forums

Most common reference term for the fan site known as GTAForums or Grand Theft Auto Forums. A very informative site and one of the best for game data for the entire GTA series of games.
Hey you going to GTAF later?
by HolyGrenadeFrenzy January 10, 2010
GRAND THEFT AUTO FRIDAY. Usually when two or more guys get together to play the latest installment in the Grand Theft Auto series, drink alcohol, smoke weed, and stay up all night. Very widely known in East London with Server Engineers
Yo, you want to GTAF later this week?
by Scube9099 May 19, 2010
Grand Theft Auto Forums. Found on

They have been around since 2003 and are currently the largest Grand Theft Auto related forum on the internet.

GTAF's main complaint comes from highly strict staff that won't hesitate to "verbally warn" users for even the most minor infraction.
Person A: Do you go on GTAF?
Person B: Sometimes but the staff keep warning me for things like double posting and going off topic...
by Shofams September 18, 2011
Acronym meaning "Go To Ass Fuck". GTAF is also commonly known as a slang term for the word "Nigger", although it is thought to be much more offensive.
That GTAF stole my F'in wallet...
by U-n-k-n-o-w-n September 07, 2006
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