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Getting shit done; meaning the motivation or reference to 'get shit done'
Friend 1 "yo i got mad money to make but no time to make it!'
Friend 2 "Stop being a bitch and GSD!
by Anthony Scott LST January 24, 2010
9 13
Gettin' Shit Done. Usually referring to some sort of work (i.e. homework).
Mom: What are you going to do after school?
You: GSD
by DaKoosh September 29, 2010
94 20
Getting Shit Done / Getting Stuff Done.

When you're through with complaining about all the work you have and you just plow through it because it needs to happen. Can occur as a day, a certain block of time, a week, etc. Often seen in Facebook statuses towards the end of the semester.

GSD is brought about through severe bout of procrastination, not getting work done on a regular basis, therefore needing to set aside long amounts of time to disappear and get shit done.
Brett is at the library GSD.

Isaac is GSD from 8-12; no parties tonight.

Brittany has hereby declared this to be GSD Week. Let the games begin.
by WorkSux November 20, 2008
52 25
acronym - good strong dick
Jenny appears sexually frustrated. She must not be getting her daily dose of g.s.d..
by cq, santonio, woman who woofs January 31, 2011
17 8
"Gettin' shit done" or "Get shit done"

Used mainly to prevent teachers and parents to overhear you swearing in school or another formal setting, to spice up a conversation every now and then, or in text messaging conversations with the character count running low.
1. Terry: "Hey man, what are you doing today at lunch?"
Rob: "I'm GSD"

2. I can't wait to go home and GSD.
by Mr. Pixx November 05, 2010
13 8
Most commonly known as being an acronym for the phrase "Get Shit Done". In this context 'Shit' may refer to any action or person. To GSD or a GSDer is one who is constantly multitasking and keeping themselves busy- annoying the fuck out of those who wanna chill.
"Wanna come over to my place and chill for a bit?" - Billy

"Oh I can't, I have to GSD" - Bob
by andyouis824 June 23, 2011
6 4
acronym. get stuff done
Tomorrow is GSD Monday
by sfox January 05, 2008
34 33