Abbreviated formulation of "Get Shit Done". Commonly used with the hashtag symbol. The hashtag itself can either be articulated aloud or kept implicit by the orator. However, "GSD" must be said in a douchey or fratboy tone.

The expression "GSD" often follows one's completion or achievement of a task of administrative nature.
"Bro, I just paid my council tax today. #GSD"
by punnitobambino October 10, 2014
acronym. get stuff done
Tomorrow is GSD Monday
by sfox January 05, 2008
Getting shit done; meaning the motivation or reference to 'get shit done'
Friend 1 "yo i got mad money to make but no time to make it!'
Friend 2 "Stop being a bitch and GSD!
by Anthony Scott LST January 24, 2010
Global Standard Deity. A church that tries to combine all religions into one.
"The beauty of the GSD is that it can be anything you want it to be."
by sosbrigadier September 22, 2009
German Three-Letter-Acronym, meaning "Gott sei Dank".
Which means "Thanks God" (i am grateful/happy that..)
I had to met my ex-gf, but gsd it was only a short conversation.
by Zed Yago December 22, 2006
GSD or Getting Some Dill is an often used expression for hanging out with someone who is widely excepted as a awesome person. The origin of this saying is unknown but it is believed that it started with a person named Dill possible short for Dillan who many people found awsome, or it could be a reference to the food dill pickles
"what are you doing here?" "oh im just getting some Dill!" "oh your GSD"
by nothanks!!noneplease!! August 12, 2011
An acronym for the Harvard Graduate School of Design, also lovingly referred to as the God Dam School.
Shortly after the horrors of first year, GSD students realize that they are not in graduate school but in a design gulag. Laser cut that model bitch!
by Gund Hall December 24, 2007

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