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Gettin' Shit Done. Usually referring to some sort of work (i.e. homework).
Mom: What are you going to do after school?
You: GSD
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by DaKoosh September 29, 2010
Getting Shit Done / Getting Stuff Done.

When you're through with complaining about all the work you have and you just plow through it because it needs to happen. Can occur as a day, a certain block of time, a week, etc. Often seen in Facebook statuses towards the end of the semester.

GSD is brought about through severe bout of procrastination, not getting work done on a regular basis, therefore needing to set aside long amounts of time to disappear and get shit done.
Brett is at the library GSD.

Isaac is GSD from 8-12; no parties tonight.

Brittany has hereby declared this to be GSD Week. Let the games begin.
#work #homework #procrastination #college #procrastinator
by WorkSux November 20, 2008
I got a solid black GSD.
#german #shephard #black #nickname #got
by ThatboiiKevinn May 30, 2009
"Gettin' shit done" or "Get shit done"

Used mainly to prevent teachers and parents to overhear you swearing in school or another formal setting, to spice up a conversation every now and then, or in text messaging conversations with the character count running low.
1. Terry: "Hey man, what are you doing today at lunch?"
Rob: "I'm GSD"

2. I can't wait to go home and GSD.
#gettin shit done #takin care of business #tcb #bamf #boss
by Mr. Pixx November 05, 2010
Abbreviated formulation of "Get Shit Done". Commonly used with the hashtag symbol. The hashtag itself can either be articulated aloud or kept implicit by the orator. However, "GSD" must be said in a douchey or fratboy tone.

The expression "GSD" often follows one's completion or achievement of a task of administrative nature.
"Bro, I just paid my council tax today. #GSD"
#gsd #bro #hashtag #douche #abbreviated
by punnitobambino October 10, 2014
Most commonly known as being an acronym for the phrase "Get Shit Done". In this context 'Shit' may refer to any action or person. To GSD or a GSDer is one who is constantly multitasking and keeping themselves busy- annoying the fuck out of those who wanna chill.
"Wanna come over to my place and chill for a bit?" - Billy

"Oh I can't, I have to GSD" - Bob
#gsd #shit #multi-task #unchill #gsder
by andyouis824 June 23, 2011
acronym - good strong dick
Jenny appears sexually frustrated. She must not be getting her daily dose of g.s.d..
#laying the pipe #sex #getting it in #deep dickin #minute man
by cq, santonio, woman who woofs January 31, 2011
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