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a true o-g. everyone wishes to be a g-rid. envied by those around her and cannot stand for any nonsense. tends to be agressive at times. yet probably the greatest person you'll meet.
look at her she's so brave, what a g-rid.
by heygirl8654 November 13, 2008
gay-related immunodeficiency disease

Archaic definition of what by 1982 became known as A.I.D.S.

Tom Brokaw was on the news talking about this new G.R.I.D. disease that's killing gay men in New York and San Francisco bath houses. Then he started talking about the new Atari fad and Reagan's first 100 days in office.
by Disco Buck October 27, 2008
Another name for mouth, often used in an offensive approach.
"do me a favor, shut your fucking grid now!"
by yourma2000 November 24, 2008
A slang term referring to the condition of an object or situation. The condition is of abhorrence, causing nausea, or general strong dislike.

Not to be used lightly.
I went to mcdonald's and ordered a mchcicken. I bit into it, and there was a cockroach in it. That shit was grids.
by dragamex March 29, 2011
slang for a pushbike
by growler September 21, 2003
A southern slang term for a cigarette.
"hey man, can I bum a grid?"
by Amber Steed May 27, 2005
A newer way of saying something is cool or fresh. Seems to be used predominantly in New York City.
"We should all check out this block party thing in Williamsburg, it might be grid."
by JTL August 12, 2004